Grovalue Consult (GC) provides treasury management, and business and banking consulting and professional training survives.

• Treasury management and banking consultancy;
• Management and financial consultancy;
• Professional coaching, training and teaching;
• Resource planning and implementation;
• Corporate valuation and restructuring;
• Scoping of banking software, and
• Performance monitoring and evaluation

Grovalue Consult relies on the industry and academic experiences of its resource persons.
The consultants and training coaches possess deep industry experience and teaching in leading universities. The team has a background in banking reforms, sovereign cash management, human capital and business processes management. They have experience in financial policy and regulation in banking, capital markets, investments/equity funds, venture capital, foreign exchange, remittances and trade finance.

• We provide consultancy and training services to our cherished corporate and sovereign partners who operate in the various sectors of the economy. The relevant sectors include financial services, professional development, energy, real estate and transportation sectors. Individuals are also on our client list.
• Our contribution is well appreciated by our clients especially those in the financial sector which have survived the crisis in the sector. Our services cut across the various sectors of the economy.

We provide unique consultancy and training in co-ordinated and consistent treasury risk management practices.
• Our consultancy services include the management of liquidity and working capital, foreign exchange, fixed income and balance sheet management.
• Our rich experience in treasury management lends support in cash management and forecasting, cash accounting, bank relationship management as well as asset and liability management in banking as well as the corporate settings.
• We consult for clients in the scoping of banking software. Broadly, we support our clients in the development and implementation on treasury solutions and banking applications in general.

Our team of experts rely on their in-depth market knowledge and academic experience to employ tools, analysis and techniques that empower clients. We develop and sharpen skills in accountancy, treasury management and banking, and business management in general.
Through our training modules, we offer learning materials that reflect current situations and best practice in the financial service industry. We devote considerable time to undertake research to ensure that our advice and learning materials reflect current and best practices.

• Provision of consulting services in banking, treasury management, accounting and internal audit functions for financial institutions
• Develop organisation-specific training programs and materials for clients
• Establish custom goals and objectives per client organisation’s needs and help develop strategic plans.
• Develop and facilitate continuous development programmes for key professional bodies
• Provide business processes re-engineering services
• Consult for clients in the scoping of banking software
• Undertake recruitment, training and business advisory services
• Provide training and assistance in asset and liability management
• Develop corporate policies for regulatory and internal purposes
• Provide advice and support credit administration support